The Present Moment holds the key to many things in your life. By getting acquainted with the Present Moment, you can actually achieve success with the most challenging of circumstances. All your power is in the Present Moment. Within the Present Moment, you can even overcome the mind!

    No one on this planet can get away from the Present Moment. It’s always with you. However, even though it’s always with you, you have in fact, disconnected from it without realizing it. You have managed to unintentionally lose your connection to the Present Moment.

    The one sure-fire-way to avoid, to disconnect, to get away from the Present Moment is for you to engage your mind and to become absorbed in your thoughts. The mind is so entertaining, you can easily get lost in its maze-like thoughts and images. My mind can be very entertaining, what about yours?

    Here’s just a very short list of descriptive experiences from an imaginary best-selling book, entitled, Entertainment by the Mind. Just listen to these statements.

  1.      Sometimes the mind is like a circus.

  2.      Other times it’s a great drama.

  3.      While at other times it’s filled with laughter.

  4.      And then it’s filled with “imaginary arguments filled with anger.”

  5.      And again, at other times it’s a great love story.
The experiences are endless.

    One moment the mind goes to heaven, the next it goes to hell, and then back to heaven – all in a matter of seconds. Wow!!! Fortunately for all of you, no one is inside your head watching or listening to your mind. All of this goes on and on in the privacy of your own mind. The mind goes, goes, and goes, much like a treadmill. It never seems to stop with its seemingly unlimited supply of thoughts and images. If you allow it, you, along with your mind, are constantly on a mental treadmill. How exhausting!

    Stop and ask yourself: “Is this what I really want?” Of course it isn’t. Nevertheless, this may be the very reason you’re dealing with so much intensity inside of yourself at this time and this treadmill syndrome has brought you to this presentation. You might also be asking yourself, “How did I get here?” In a very broad sense the answer is quite simple. “Whatever you focus your thoughts on is what you get.”
     Take a small fire for example. Your focus is like kerosene to a fire - the more you focus on something, the more the kerosene is being poured on the fire and the bigger the fire gets. The question is, “Do you realize this and take the appropriate action?” There is a very clear reason for the intensity of your focus making things more intense, which I will clarify at a later time.

    With each Moment you have a choice about what to do with your mind and where you wish to focus. Each Moment holds the key to everything you’re longing for. Perhaps you’ve heard over the years the cliché, “you need to live in the Present Moment.” Where you focus, what you do, feel, and think in the Present Moment determines everything in your life. Again and again, with each Moment, you have a choice and the ability to respond with regards to what you do with your mind and its vast array of thoughts.

    The choice is yours. What do you want to become absorbed in? Is it your thoughts that you want to experience? Do you want to be absorbed in your thoughts and all its circus-like activity in the Present Moment? Or is it your Heart that you want to experience?

    In this life, you’ve been given a choice that you may or may not be aware of. To some degree you may have been already working on it. The choice, the question, is,

    “Do you want to make the goal of life - your mind, or do want to make the goal - your Heart?” What do I mean by this? As I just communicated a few moments ago, whatever you focus on gets bigger. It’s as simple as this. So, do you want to become absorbed in your thoughts and the world of your mind and watch this get bigger? Or, do you want your Heart to get the focus and have it expand with love?

    I want to remind you about what I have stated earlier about the mind and the necessary process of thinking as part of one’s employment or academic pursuits. Of course I support this necessary process. Of course this is more than acceptable. The qualifying statement to this is that I simply ask you to be conscious, to be aware, that you are engaged in the process of thinking. If you are, then you’re in your Heart. If you not conscious of the process, then you are on automatic pilot and you are officially identified with, or absorbed in your thoughts, and therefore “in your head.”

    So if your goal is to be in the Present Moment, then the last place you want to be is in your “head.” Why? Because the undisciplined mind, by way of your thoughts, will usually take you to the past or it will take you to the future.

    What do I mean? Reflect on what I’m about to say carefully. If you ever pay very close attention to your thought content, you will notice that virtually all thinking is either past or future oriented. Your thoughts, my thoughts, are appropriately addressing some sort of person (including yourself), issue, or situation that has a relationship to the past or the future. Even when there is an effort to focus in the Present Moment, the moment you do, that moment has already passed. Ultimately, you can’t think your way into the Present Moment. Your mind will lead you to the Present Moment, but it can’t keep you there.

    There are many subtle and not so subtle dynamics that the untrained mind engages in that contribute to your disconnection from your Heart and the Present Moment. This whole process is to help and guide you through the vast array of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you experience, while keeping you connected to your Heart. It is your Heart that holds the Present Moment.

    For all of the reasons that I’ve been discussing with you in this session, perhaps now you can begin to appreciate more fully the underlying reasons for Practicing the Keys to Happiness. When you’re engaging the process of practicing the Keys to Happiness, you’re doing considerable more than just relaxing your body. The keys take you to your Heart. The keys are in fact taking you to a place that knows no time, where time actually ceases to exist. This place is The Present Moment and Unconditional Love.

    To help you stay connected to your Heart and the Present Moment, I am going to examine how some of that disconnection from the Heart happens. To do this, I’ll take you through a few specific exercises that involve using your focus, attention, and awareness. The reason for the exercise is to help you further appreciate the power of your focus and to help you understand what’s behind this power. I am going to explain this idea of disconnection and exactly what it means to disconnect by reviewing some earlier material and expanding on it.

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