When you add the ingredient of love to the process of dealing with and disciplining the mind, your entire experience becomes considerably more pleasant. When you add the ingredient of love to anything, it always makes it more attractive and inviting.

    Lovingly disciplining the mind begins by simply learning what to do with your thoughts and knowing how to respond to them. I’ve heard that many people tend to place way too much importance on their thoughts. Over the years, I certainly did this and was quite unhappy because of it. Imagine that! I even thought that everything my mind had to say was true. I hadn’t realized that my mind was very, very wrong about a number of different things for years.

Take a moment and listen these questions carefully:

  1. Do you give too much importance to your thoughts or to the voice in your head? When you give too much importance to your thoughts or to this voice, do you tend to almost deify them, make them like a god?
  2. Do you treat your thoughts like they’re the most important things in the world?
  3. Do you stand at attention when this voice in your head speaks and respond to its dictates as though you don’t have a choice?
  4. Do you spend a lot of your precious time throughout the day thinking, thinking, and thinking? Isn’t that exhausting?
  5. Did you ever consider that there is more to life than just having thoughts all day long?
  6. Do you ever consider that everything you’re thinking isn’t necessarily true?
  7. Have you ever considered that this voice might actually be lying to you? That every thought you think isn’t always true?
    Perhaps there’s another way. Perhaps you don’t have to think all day long. Perhaps all this thinking doesn’t have to go on. Perhaps it’s possible to just give your mind a time out for a moment or two to allow it to relax. Hopefully, you’ve experienced how good it feels to have your body relax. Why not your mind? You may ask, “Aside from sleeping, how in the world can I relax my mind?” Perhaps some of you have learned meditation, breathing techniques, or stress reduction to help your mind relax. Well, there is more to these approaches.
     To help you experience this, I would like to you to practice the Feel the Breath exercise from the first seminar. Let’s review this technique briefly.

Review of Feel the Breath Exercise Instructions

    Remember to just feel (or listen to) your breath coming in and going out through the nose. You’re not thinking about your breath. You’re placing your attention there and feeling it. Feel it come in; feel it go out from the nose. Just feel the breath. When you encounter thoughts, simply refocus on the feel or sound of your breath. Don’t attempt to stop, control, or struggle with them.

    Right now, I am going to take you through this exercise. You will do this for a minute or so. Feel the breath. Feel the breath. Feel the breath.

    When practiced on a regular basis, with or without your eyes open, phenomenal things can happen.

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