I want you to consider what it is your mind does for a living. One of the characteristics of an untrained the mind is for it to simply have thoughts - about anything! It wants to think, think, think, and think some more. Another trait of an untrained mind is that it always has opinions and questions about anything and everything. It doesn’t stop there, either. Along with loving to think and have opinions about everything, it loves to doubt itself, which by its very nature, perpetuates more thinking.

Listening to the Voices

    Do you hear a voice, or voices? Do you hear a stream of voices about all sorts of things, some of which make sense and some that don’t? Does this voice almost seem to have a life of its own? Do you not only listen to the voice, but also pay attention to its commands and dictates?

    This endless thinking which I’ve been discussing in the form of thoughts, can also be thought of as “listening to the voice” in your head. This voice has an opinion or comment about virtually everything, no matter what it might be. And these voices, or these thoughts (depending upon which word you prefer), can be endless and take various forms.      To put it simply, what your mind does for a living is that it produces thoughts or a voice that can be both positive and negative, and can take a myriad of different forms.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking about yourself might take the following forms:

    a - thoughts of acceptance about what is happening in     your life

    b - thoughts of gratitude or contentment

    c - focusing your thoughts on what is going well

    d - thoughts that evoke faith and trust in how your life is unfolding

Negative Thinking

What are some obvious examples of thinking negatively about yourself?

    a - judging, criticizing, or being hard on yourself or others

    b - lacking in thoughts of gratitude

    c - focusing your thoughts on what is not going well

    d - thoughts that are resisting the flow of your life

    e - thoughts that evoke a distrust in life and others

    f - unintentionally describing yourself or your life as, “stressed”

Positive and Negative Thoughts – Rocket Science

    Right now, ask yourself, “When I think positively, how do I feel?” Hopefully your answer is, “I feel good. Encouraged. Happy.” Now ask yourself, “When I think negatively, how do I feel?” Your response should be something like, “I feel bad. I feel doubtful. I feel unhappy.” This is what I call “rocket science.” A number of individuals don’t realize this simple science and subsequently, find they’re thinking negatively and feeling bad and unhappy. Some of you may not realize that you actually HAVE A CHOICE. Note the word, “choice.” The definition of the word “choose” means “to select freely and after consideration.” So after consideration, you can freely choose to think positive and feel happy. Isn’t that what you want to do? Remember, “I always have a choice and the ability to respond. I can do this. I can do whatever it takes.”

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